Client Types

Howard Financial & Associates works with a variety of clients. We believe everyone deserves professional, objective financial advice, and we don’t impose a minimum account size. Click on examples of the client types below to understand some of their unique financial issues and how we can help you.

Every day you help to shape society’s future. But who is helping to shape yours? Howard Financial & Associates has been assisting educators, teachers and administrators to plan and save for their retirement since the first 403(b) plans were created over 40 years ago. Our financial advisors understand the CT Teachers' Retirement System pension plan and social security options that may help provide for the long and prosperous retirement you so richly deserve.

We are available to service the following CT school districts, and can represent the following approved providers in your 403(b) plan. Please consult your human resource or business office for a complete and current list of approved providers (provider we represent in parentheses):

  • Area Co-Operative Educational Services (Security Benefit, PenServ)
  • Andover (Security Benefit)
  • Ashford (Lincoln Investment, Security Benefit, Aspire)
  • Ansonia (Lincoln Investment)
  • Avon (Aspire)
  • Barkhamsted (Lincoln Investment, Security Benefit)
  • Beacon Falls (Aspire)
  • Berlin (Security Benefit)
  • Bethany (Aspire)
  • Bethlehem (Aspire)
  • Bethel (American Funds, Franklin Templeton, Invesco)
  • Bloomfield (Security Benefit)
  • Bolton (Lincoln Investment)
  • Branford (PenServ)
  • Bridgeport (Security Benefit)
  • Bristol (Lincoln Investment, Security Benefit)
  • Brooklyn (Franklin Templeton)
  • Canterbury (Aspire)
  • Canton (Aspire, PenServ)
  • Cheshire (Security Benefit)
  • Chester (Invesco, Aspire)
  • Clinton (Invesco, Aspire, PenServ)
  • Colchester (Lincoln Investment)
  • Colebrook (PenServ)
  • Coventry (PenServ)
  • CREC (Lincoln Investment)
  • Danbury (Security Benefit)
  • Darien (Lincoln Investment)
  • Deep River (Invesco, Aspire)
  • Derby (PenServ, Invesco, Franklin Templeton)
  • Durham (Aspire)
  • East Granby (Franklin Templeton, Putnam)
  • East Haven (Security Benefit)
  • East Lyme (Lincoln Investment)
  • Easton (Invesco, Aspire, PenServ)
  • Enfield (PenServ)
  • Essex (Invesco, Aspire)
  • Fairfield (PenServ)
  • Farmington (Security Benefit)
  • Granby (Security Benefit)
  • Greenwich (Security Benefit)
  • Griswold (PenServ)
  • Groton (American Funds, Invesco)
  • Guilford (Security Benefit)
  • Haddam (Security Benefit)
  • Hamden (Aspire, PenServ, Security Benefit)
  • Hartland (Franklin Templeton)
  • Hebron (Invesco)
  • Killingly (Lincoln Investment)
  • Killingworth (Security Benefit)
  • LEARN Regional Educational Service Center (Lincoln Investment)
  • Lebanon (Aspire)
  • Ledyard (Lincoln Investment)
  • Litchfield (Aspire)
  • Lyme (Security Benefit, Franklin Templeton)
  • Madison (PenServ)
  • Manchester (Security Benefit)
  • Marlborough (Invesco)
  • Meriden (Security Benefit)
  • Middlefield (Aspire)
  • Middletown (PenServ, Franklin Templeton, Invesco)
  • Milford (Security Benefit)
  • Monroe (Security Benefit)
  • Montville (Lincoln Investment)
  • Naugatuck (Franklin Templeton)
  • New Britain (Security Benefit)
  • New Canaan (American Century, Victory Capital - USAA Funds)
  • New Fairfield (Security Benefit)
  • New Hartford (Lincoln Investment, Security Benefit)
  • New Haven (PenServ)
  • New London (Security Benefit)
  • New Milford (Lincoln Investment)
  • Newtown (PenServ)
  • North Branford (PenServ)
  • North Haven (Security Benefit)
  • Norwalk (Security Benefit)
  • Norwich (PenServ)
  • Old Lyme (Security Benefit, Franklin Templeton)
  • Old Saybrook (Aspire)
  • Orange (Lincoln Investment)
  • Oxford (Security Benefit)
  • Plainville (Lincoln Investment)
  • Portland (Invesco)
  • Plainfield (PenServ)
  • Plymouth (Lincoln Investment/Legend)
  • Preston (Security Benefit)
  • Prospect (Aspire)
  • Putnam (Aspire)
  • Redding (Invesco, Aspire)
  • Region 4  - Essex, Deep River, Chester (Invesco, Aspire)
  • Region 5 - Amity (Lincoln Investment)
  • Region 7 - Northwestern Regional (Lincoln Investment, Security Benefit)
  • Region 8 - RHAM, Hebron, Andover, Marlborough (Security Benefit)
  • Region 9 - Redding, Easton (Invesco, Aspire)
  • Region 10 - Burlington, Harwinton (Lincoln Investment)
  • Region 12 - Bridgewater, Roxbury, Washington (Franklin Templeton)
  • Region 13 - Durham, Middlefield (Aspire, PenServ)
  • Region 14 - Bethlehem, Woodbury (Aspire)
  • Region 15 - Middlebury, Southbury (PenServ)
  • Region 16 - Beacon Falls, Prospect (Aspire)
  • Region 17 - Haddam, Killingworth (Security Benefit)
  • Region 18 - Lyme, Old Lyme (Security Benefit, Franklin Templeton)
  • Rocky Hill (Lincoln Investment, Security Benefit)
  • Ridgefield (American Funds, Victory Capital - USAA Funds)
  • Salem (American Funds, Putnam, Invesco)
  • Seymour (Lincoln Investment)
  • Sherman (Security Benefit)
  • Simsbury (Security Benefit)
  • Somers (Franklin Templeton, Aspire, PenServ)
  • Southington (Lincoln Investment, PenServ)
  • South Windsor (Security Benefit)
  • Stafford (Lincoln Investment)
  • Stamford (PenServ)
  • Stonington (Security Benefit)
  • Stratford (Security Benefit)
  • Suffield (Security Benefit)
  • Thomaston (PenServ)
  • Thompson (Aspire)
  • Torrington (PenServ)
  • Trumbull (Aspire, PenServ)
  • Vernon (Aspire, PenServ)
  • Wallingford (Security Benefit)
  • Waterford (Lincoln Investment)
  • Watertown (PenServ)
  • West Hartford (Security Benefit)
  • West Haven (Security Benefit)
  • Weston (PenServ)
  • Westport (Franklin Templeton)
  • Wethersfield (Lincoln Investment)
  • Willington (PenServ)
  • Wilton (Invesco)
  • Winchester (Franklin Templeton)
  • Windham (Lincoln Investment)
  • Windsor (PenServ)
  • Windsor Locks (Aspire)
  • Wolcott (Security Benefit)
  • Woodbridge (Lincoln Investment)
  • Woodbury (Aspire)
  • Woodstock (Lincoln Investment)

If your school district isn't listed, we may still be able to help you with your retirement plan. Contact us for more information.

The providers listed above, Howard Financial, and The Lincoln Investment Companies are independent and non-affiliated. Representatives of Howard Financial are approved to represent these firms.

The Lincoln Investment family of companies nor any of its representatives is affiliated with the  Connecticut Teachers' Retirement System (CTRS); and CTRS does not sponsor, authorize or endorse the retirement educational services described in this or other communications of Lincoln Investment.   

You wouldn’t put all of your investments into just one stock, would you? Small business owners have unique challenges and opportunities. You need a financial planner who understands that your primary investment, and your passion, is your business. Our advisors help business owners understand how to diversify* and help protect their assets to help achieve their financial goals. In addition, they can help establish a retirement plan to attract and retain employees.

Nonprofit organizations have the challenges of fund-raising and managing their reserve funds to achieve the goals of their mission. Our advisors can help your organization keep it's focus on your mission by creating an investment strategy for your reserve funds. Just as with a for-profit business, they can help you attract and retain employees by setting up a retirement plan for your staff. 

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

In today’s hectic world, our families can seem complicated, full of different personalities, histories and needs. Our advisors understand and can help families protect their loved ones, plan for education or the special needs of a child or parent. Let them develop a plan for your unique family.

Special Needs Planning

Planning for individuals with special needs and their families requires compassion and knowledge to help navigate through all the planning phases. Your family member is more than just a diagnosis, and we understand their well-being is of paramount importance to you. Our knowledge has been developed through personal experience, and we can help you coordinate with attorneys and other providers to ensure your loved one lives a life of dignity.

Whether single, married, widowed or divorced; leading a career, a non-profit foundation, or a busy household, women all too often relinquish control of their personal wealth to others. Even if your assets are being well-managed, being under- or uninformed about the specifics of your financial plan can leave you with nagging doubts. The antidote to uncertainty is informed understanding. Our advisors make it their business to help women realize their financial well-being.

At a time of greatest grief you are asked to make long lasting and far-reaching decisions. These choices must  add to your sense of control. Therefore, you need an experienced advisor who understands your needs, goals and resources.

Whether you are an individual, a couple or a family, you have experienced so much in your time. You know what you want from life. But for all of your accumulated knowledge, uncertainties remain. Do you have enough for your best retirement? How much is enough? What do you need in order to feel financially secure? Do you need to work longer, save more, spend less? Maybe you want to keep working in your career on a part-time basis. Your plan should allow for dreaming about a second career. Maybe you are really positioned to relax and enjoy the view. If you are part of a couple, are both partners’ visions for retirement in synch? Your plan must address the risks as well as whatever legacy plans and philanthropic goals you maintain.

At Howard Financial, our advisors don’t just manage your money. They understand the questions in front of you and want to help you make the most of your wealth.

Born between the mid-60s and late-70s, Gen X is in, arguably, the most challenging phase of life trying to balance the costs of raising families, saving for their children’s college, saving for their own retirement and in some cases, caring for their aging parents. Our advisors can help you find some balance and get your financial goals back on track. Time can be your best friend or worst enemy – they can show you how to make the most of your accumulation years while caring for those you love.

Born between the early 80s and late 90s, Gen Y are in the early accumulation phase of their lives. These are the years focused on earning and advancement. During these years, it can be tempting to avoid a deep consideration of your financial future. However, these years are a critical window in achieving your long term success. You’ve got decades of working years ahead of you. Make them work for you.

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